Control update for presses and servo feeders

As a national high-tech company, in Latinatek we consider technological innovation and product updating as key development goals.

That is why we implement PLC automation applications to update the controls of your presses and servo feeders.

Our solutions are designed so that through a FRIENDLY INTERFACE, you can control your stamping processes efficiently and in a personalized way.

Latinatek´s automation

Controls Cabinet

Our solution´s design is focused on the optimization of production times, efficient fault tracking, maintenance and energy saving, prioritizing operational safety through redundant security systems.

The system is enabled for the creation of an unlimited number of recipes and an exclusive section for maintenance access, alarm history recording, INCORPORATION OF CAMS through programmable outputs to synchronize your presses with feeders, robots, conveyor belts or other peripherals.

It also includes DIE PROTECTION with the number of sensors necessary to protect your dies and thus avoid unnecessary downtimes and money losses due to damage to the die.

When developed with OPEN PROTOCOLS, our controls are compatible with any brand, and with it, the advantage of acquiring standard parts and easily carrying out any migration.

The HMI interface design, centered on the operator’s experience, allows you to permanently visualize the state of the press in its upper status bar, to know in real time the status of the engine, speed, safety system, lubrication, system Overload and other processes.

All this helps the operator to determine, in the case of alarms, what is the device that triggered the alarm, focus on the problem and act effectively in its correction.

The system includes diagrams, fault identification and spare parts list to speed up maintenance, thus avoiding unnecessary line stops and long maintenance times due to fault tracking.

If you are thinking of updating the controls of your presses and servo feeders with longer use time, to improve your production times, our solution is the best for you.